About us

Welcome to WellSlot, your partner in screen solutions for filtration. We are Abu Dhabi’s largest privately owned manufacturer and specialist of Wedge Wire and Metal Mesh Screen Filtration products.

We offer a wide range of Sand and Inflow control equipment such as Sand Filters, Perforated Liners, Slotted Liners, Inflow Control Devices, Swellable Packers, Dissolvable Plugs, High Temperature products and more. Offering customized screen solutions for applications in the Oil & Gas, Geothermal and Filtration industry with the goal of finding the most ideal solution for your challenge.

We are helping out to lower the carbon footprint by means of local production, sustainable products, smart solutions and prevention instead of intervention.

Who we are

WellSlot was founded in 2012 by ADOS in Abu Dhabi together with HP Well Screen from the Netherlands with the aim to become the leading manufacturer and Well Screen specialist in the Middle East. We offer customized screen solutions of applications in the Oil & Gas, Water, Geothermal and Petrochemical industries.

Why our customers choose WellSlot

  • Local manufacturing
  • Customized solutions
  • Creative & flexible
  • Independent privately owned
  • Competitive pricing
  • Modeling and testing

What we do

Our strength not only rests with our product and services, but with the skills of our people, the technical knowledge of our team, and our 80 years of experience in the field. We are recognized for our excellence in customized solutions, creativity, flexibility, and no-nonsense mentality, coupled with short delivery times and competitive prices.

Our customer base exists out of small, medium, and large multinational organizations, each with a different approach and expectations.
From engineering companies, municipalities, project development companies, maintenance teams, operators, and individuals. We are used to adapting to various business cultures and can therefore serve all at their own type of requirement.

We value all our customers!

A long and solid reputation

ADOS has a long and solid reputation in fabrication and precision machining in the Middle East and together with HP Well Screen’s expertise in Well Screen Technology we have responded to the market demand to create production capacity for perforated and slotted liners in the GCC.

WellSlot is equipped with the newest generation 88-spindle CNC slotting machines and perforating machines. With this latest capability we combine high quality products with short lead-times. Driven by high demand we have started with production of slotted / perforated liners and now complete the product range with Inflow Control Devices, Sand Screens and Swellable Packers.

Our track record

Our aim is to be the most flexible and reliable manufacturer for the Middle East and European regions for process control solutions for Oil & Gas, Geothermal & Water and High Performance Filtration.

Over the years we have

  • Manufactured and installed over 10 million feet producing successfully
  • Perforated millions of holes on our in-house engineered machine tools
  • Slotted millions of slots on our in-house engineered machine tools
  • Supplied over 10,000 ICDs
  • Supplied over 15,000 Dissolvable Plugs
  • Manufactured and improved many filtration products for different industries
  • Invested in testing of new materials and continue our R&D projects
  • Always looking for new opportunities to improve processes in different markets

The manufacturing capabilities of our production plants in Abu Dhabi and The Netherlands, together with our partners for screens in Europe, Asia and the USA enables us to respond quickly to any demand for any process.

Quality organization

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • All screen products manufactured as per ISO NEN-ISO 17824:2009