WellSlot offers customized screen solutions for applications in the Oil & Gas, Geothermal & Water Well, High Performance Filtration and Architectural industry.

Being the specialist of wedge wire and metal mesh screen filtration products we can offer products for many different industries and would like to help and build on a solution for your separation challenge.

Oil & Gas

With a continued rising global demand, highly volatile prices due to various external factors and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the oil and gas industry faces major challenges.

Based on the above, new innovations and technologies are essential.
We can offer unique products to solve part of these challenges for Sand and Inflow control.

Please send us your specific question so we can work on a solution together to make a better well.

Geothermal & Water Wells

Geothermal energy is the cheapest sustainable alternative to natural gas, with little or no CO2 emissions and constant heat supply (independent of the season) with high certainty.
This means it is suitable as a baseload for district heating in combination with other sources of green energy.

There is a high potential for geothermal energy; however, to make wells suitable for long term usage we need to build reliable wells.

We see it as our task to provide a sustainable solution, so please send us your question to provide a product for the long run.

High Performance Filtration

Filtration and Separation are required for many different markets such as food, agriculture, chemical industry, pulp and paper, oil & gas, potable water, waste water and more. Filtration and Separation technology is a resource that sustainable societies depend on. WellSlot can offer metallic filter solutions to meet the requirements.

Have a further look or send us your specific question so we can work on a solution together to improve your process.