Oil & Gas

All of WellSlot’s products are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Our PoroLock is the benchmark in the industry for premium metal mesh screens and the only screen that is validated after the manufacturing process. Our tolerances on slot and pore size are the absolute best on the market. To meet these high standards we use the most advanced technologies combined with first class materials. The quality is assured within our ISO 9001 quality management system using customized quality control plans to guarantee product quality and conformity.


The WellSlot Slotted and Perforated Liner are robust and cost-effective solutions providing bore hole stability in consolidated formations and sand control in large grained non-consolidated formations. Slotted and predrilled liners are shown to be a must and a low cost insurance providing bore hole stability and preventing the well to collapse during production.


The advanced wedge wire screen technology combines superior weld strengths with accurate slots tolerances. A large number of rods increases tensile strength and achieves rounder and stronger screens. The all welded screen construction is fully pickled and passivated for maximum corrosion resistance.


complementary products

Next to our screen products we can also provide sales of related accessories for the completion of the well. This also includes engineering, special products, rental and services.