Perforated Casing

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The HP Perforated Liner or Pre-perforated Casing is manufactured with a 44ft- 88-spindle Drill Press. Joints with sizes up to Ø 18” – length. Range 3 and grades up to 13Cr110 are perforated in one handling. Our standard spiral and staggered perforation patterns use Ø 3/8” and Ø 1/2” diameter holes, to create the required open area.

Every joint perforated by H.P. Well Screen is deburred internal and external as well as drift tested according to API standards. Every hole is visually inspected and cleaned of burr material. The size, grade and weight of the base-pipe are according to API casing or tubing specification.

Upon request, custom hole sizes can be drilled in any number and any pattern.

datasheet ‘Perforated Casing’

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